Early Warning Phishing Feed | WhoisXML API

Predict Phishing Domains Prior to Activation

Preemptively detect and block risky newly registered domains (NRDs) that closely resemble popular brand names and text strings typically used in phishing campaigns, counterfeiting, and disinformation.

Early Warning Phishing Feed contains two file types

  • Cybersquatting NRDs

    These daily files contain all NRDs that closely mimic famous brand names and text strings registered on a given day. A similarity percentage is also provided for transparent fuzzy match ratings.

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  • Bulk-Registered Cybersquatting NRDs

    These daily files list the new cybersquatting domains registered as part of a group, along with other similar-looking domains, on the same day. Group insights, such as size and number, are also available.

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Benefits of Our Early Warning Phishing Feed

  • Daily Lists

    Early Warning Phishing Feed contains fresh intelligence downloadable daily, keeping you and your systems updated on new potential phishing domains.

  • 2-in-1 Intelligence

    Access two types of files—all risky NRDs for broader threat intelligence or bulk-registered cybersquatting NRDs for a more targeted approach.

  • Unified Data Format

    Early Warning Phishing Feed comes in CSV file format for easy integration into most systems and solutions.

Practical Usage

  • Early Phishing Detection

    Immediately detect new domains that can figure in various phishing campaigns, such as website spoofing, CEO fraud, and email phishing.

  • Domain Filtering

    Enrich domain filtering systems with the capability to block new domains containing brand names and other popular strings for robust network security.

  • Brand Protection

    Keep track of new domains that impersonate or damage the reputation of well-known brands to proactively protect your brand integrity and customer trust.

  • Counterfeiting Law Enforcement

    Supplement global threat intelligence sources to aid law enforcers in finding domains that could figure in counterfeiting or cyber attacks.

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Early Warning Phishing Feed | WhoisXML API

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