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This data feed subscription is licensed to you or your organization only, you may not resell or relicense the data without explicit written permission from Whois API, Inc. Any violation will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


  • ewpf.nrd.2023-07-25.csv – These daily files contain all NRDs that closely mimic famous brand names and text strings registered on a given day. A similarity percentage is also provided for transparent fuzzy match ratings.
  • ewpf.typosquatting.2023-07-25.csv – These daily files list the new cybersquatting domains registered as part of a group, along with other similar-looking domains, on the same day. Group insights, such as size and number, are also available.
  • ewpf.nrd.2023-07-25.counts.csv, ewpf.typosquatting.2023-07-25.counts.csv – A separate statistics file is available every day to give an overview of the registration volume per brand name or text string.

Downloading via HTTPS

Downloading via FTP

  • Host: datafeeds.whoisxmlapi.com
  • Port: 21210
  • Username: 'user'
  • Password: equal to your personal API Key which you can obtain from the My Products page.
  • Base path: ftp://datafeeds.whoisxmlapi.com:21210
  • Folder: Early_Warning_Phishing_Data_Feed

Downloading via FTPS

Read more about the FTPS connection: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FTPS.

Our FTP server supports explicit FTP over TLS encryption. You may configure your FTP client to use explicit FTP over TLS encryption for secure communications.

Our FTPS server is accessed using the same paths and API keys as a regular FTP server, the instructions for which are described above. To connect via FTPS, select the "Require explicit FTP over TLS" encryption option in your FTP client, if it supports it. FileZilla configuration example:

explicit FTP over TLS encryption