Early DGA Detection Feed | WhoisXML API

Stay One Step Ahead of Attackers with Early DGA Detection Feed

Don’t wait for groups of suspicious DGA properties to reach the weaponization stage to act. Access daily lists of new domains created algorithmically and often overlooked to accelerate threat response and mitigation.

Benefits of Our Early DGA Detection Feed

  • Structured and prefiltered list

    Early DGA Detection Feed files are already filtered and grouped, helping save time and computing resources.

  • Enriched with WHOIS data

    WHOIS information for each domain is available, allowing you to spot patterns in ownership, administration, and other domain infrastructure details.

  • Unified data format

    Early DGA Detection Feed comes in CSV file format for easy integration into most systems and solutions.

Tackle Common Cybersecurity Challenges with Predictive Threat Intelligence

Practical Usage

  • Security platform developers

    Enable your users to obtain predictive security capabilities and combat zero-day threats by identifying and blocking suspicious DGA domains, often before they get weaponized.

  • SOCs and MSPs

    Achieve wider visibility beyond what is currently known. Identify large clusters of DGA domains often missed by most online security engines and proactively adapt security strategies.

  • Law enforcers and security researchers

    Add contextual information to DGA domains for deeper investigations and more effective adversary disruption.

Early DGA Detection Feed | WhoisXML API

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